Beheshti Memorial

Beheshti Memorial

Video installation at shahid Beheshti permanent museum in Tehran. The goal of this project was to show videos of shahid Beheshti's endeavors, simultaneously in old generation CRT TV sets which flashed the audience back in time that was achieved by using the video mapping technique. Videos appeared randomly on white spray colored Tv screens and their audios got mixed up and made a vague ambient of his speeches. the audience became familiar with cuts and fractions of Shahid Beheshti's life within 5 minutes. Video mapping technique made the impression that the tv's were on and showing the video's despite the fact that Tv sets were not even plugged in. the footages were virtually projected on whitened Tv screens.projecting adjusted videos on the convex screen surfaces and curved corners of CRT tv sets were a big challenge which were overcame by using the latest softwares and hardwares suitable to get the job done.

Categories:Video Memorial Installation

Released :May, 2013

Client :Tehran Municipality

Location :Beheshti Meuseum, Tehran, Iran.


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