December 2017 | Tehran Independent Theater, Mohsen Gallery, Nabshi Center, Tehran, Iran.

The existential nature of man is generally perceived through a scientific view and by reference to evolutionary theory, or through a philosophical outlook. The existential questions consist of different interpretations concerning these worldviews. The digital era proposes a new reality concerning the way we encounter the environment. During the process of the experiencing the world around us, our understanding of communication in the form images, videos and sounds that we consume are generated and transmitted through a binary system.
The 7th edition of TADAEX, beside Mohsen Gallery was held in Nabshi Center and Tehran Independent Theater on 2017 December.
Nullsight was in charge of curation and execution of the 7th edition of TADAEX based on it’s theme Digital Existence and showcased 55 artists.
Collaboration with Linz Art & Design University and curation of 3 audiovisual performances from Maotik, Ashkan GH and Ghazaleh E, Manuel Di Martino and Luca Cataldo were highlights of this edition of TADAEX.