Audiovisual Performance | December 2017 | Tehran Independent Theatre, Tehran, Iran.

Part of Maotik’s UAV series, a study on unmanned aerial vehicle control, “Hummingbird” is an artistic interpretation of a surveillance drone that uses real-time geo-localization data to recreate the beauty of an aerial landscape view. It takes its name from a military drone and from the smallest bird on Earth. Designed as an audiovisual performance, “Hummingbird” is an advanced navigation visual system that generates sound and visuals according to the area it is flying over. Using real cartography map and GPS data, the generative visual system reacts according to image texture and transforms the information into geometry instances that recreates patterns. “Drone” generative sound evolves according to the navigation of the performer translating the visual into a sonic experience that will drive the public to the center of this electronic landscape. The storyline of the piece evolves gradually from a poetic representation of these “flying” objects to a more critical view of this technology when it is used for surveillance or military issue.

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