Optimus G pro

Optimus G pro

The phone got unveiled by the use of video mapping techniques with lights, lines and particles projected on a multiple sized maquette of the phone. after the introduction the Interactive installation based on company’s slogan was achieved by using the TV screen manufactured by LG which was placed in the maquette to model the phone’s screen. whenever anyone stood in front of the maquette he/she would see him/her self in the screen and a pop up appeared above their head that suggested him/her to become professional at something based on the company’s slogan. this was achieved by creative coding techniques and the use of proper cameras. Nullsight also developed video and graphics for the main and performance stages.introduction videos on the main stage and live generated graphics synchronized with the music beats on the performances stage made a perfect environment for the audience to get aquatinted with the device and experience a good time.

Categories:Interactive Video Installation

Released :August, 2013

Client :LG Electronics.

Location :Milad Tower, Tehran , Iran.


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