Osseous Sound

October, 2015 | Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Polyhedrons, as simple solid volumes in three dimensions, can be looked at as one of the very basic forms in which an enclosed space can be achieved. The creators of "Osseous Sound" think of geometry, lines and surfaces, as the most essential element in conceiving a space; as a structure, a system that holds everything together and connects everything together. When considering simple spatial geometries as supporting structures that hold space on its feet, the metaphor of comparing it to skeletons of the body comes to mind. The creators of this work consider geometry as the skeleton of space and have created geometry, like body skeletons, so one can see, experience and interact with it, as what it really is. The installation is an intelligent touchable instrument which produces sound when touched by people around, due to pressure of hits on different parts. "Osseous sound" is the winner of the second annual TADAEX grant (TADAGRANT). Launched and funded by Mohsen Gallery, TADAGRANT takes place every year in conjunction with TADAEX and is granted to the best development and presentation of a cross-disciplinary and interactive art project. TADAGRANT hopes to support young talents and to create a desirable atmosphere for the growth and development of digital art in Iran.