IC Exhibition

December, 2015 | Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran.

This exhibition involves the visitor into generative processes, letting them observe how translating one media to another changes a work of art and influences its final state. It involves a combination of interactive media, interfaces for humans and for machines, and shows a variety of experimental approaches towards generative algorithms. Visitors are invited to be part of the process, observe, exchange and evolve the exhibition over time. The participating artists are students at the master's program, 'Interface Cultures', at the University of Art and Design in Linz/Upper Austria, which is a partner of Ars Electronica. Coming from different backgrounds and parts of the world they are unified by their interest in interdisciplinary research, technical know-how and the urge to find new ways of creating. This project was showcased in collaboration with ÖKF Tehran, Rosi Grillmair and Amir Bastan.