Stefan Tiefengraber
July, 2017 | Tehran, Iran.
Stefan Tiefengraber is an artist based in Linz / Austria working with new and old technology to build his kinetic sound, light, or interactive installations or uses them for his Audio/Video noise performances. In collaboration with Yassi Foundation and OKF two of his Audio/Video noise performance was held on the rooftop of Yassi Foundation which was under construction at the moment and audiences at the time they arrived would have a ride with an industrial elevator to the rooftop with an astonishing view of the north, northwest of Tehran. His audio/Video noise performances consist of different devices like Walkman and keyboards. The housing of them is mostly removed so the circuits are getting accessible for touching and shortening them. To produce the short circuits he uses conductive jelly mixed with water on his fingers and by touching open devices he produces distortions on different parts of the circuits and by touching more than one device at a time, it is also possible to influence the devices between each other and to ‘send’ signals from one to another as the human body is conductive. We can imagine the body like a wire with a high resistance to connect the devices.