February 2018 | Tehran, Iran.
In the event of the 20th birthday of Monsoon Group, inside each of their restaurants at Sam Center performance or installation was held, at Divan Persian Cuisine –a cuisine with the blend of Iran’s ancient culture, art, and food in an environment that sophisticated citizens of the world that can appreciate- QAL, The anti-carpet, an interactive generative audiovisual installation by Ali Phi exploring environmental design in futuristic architecture with roots in Persian motifs were showcased in a 12 square meters LED. In contrast with traditional carpet, 'QAL' is not a single pattern, it is so mortal which dies in one second and it is very easy to create by the motion of hands in real-time affected by light. The patterns form on the LED as a carpet loom with a laptop in front. The screen of the laptop projects white light toward the hands of audiences and starts to generate patterns made by their movements. Over 60 patterns is generated in one second which 3 of them were captured and printed on canvas in size of 1.5 m x 2 m and showcased inside two of the rooms, 2 of them hanging from the ceiling of a room full of small pieces of the mirror together in geometric forms illuminated by Horizon -lighting module inspired by a horizon of the desert from the designs of Ali Phi- and one on the floor as a carpet inside the red room of the cuisine.