November 2018 | Tehran, Iran.
In this largely digitalized life, where love, culture, and democracy are bartered based on digital media, digital art – with its interdisciplinary, interactive, and contemporary capabilities – has found a unique chance for change in today’s modern world. This may be unprecedented in terms of magnitude and capacity when compared to other mediums that revived before. The last edition of TADAEX grow bigger than ever and Nullsight curated and showcased 100 pieces in form of installation, video art/animation, and audiovisual performance based on the theme of festival Overt & Covert in collaboration with Mohsen Gallery, Nabshi Center, and Ava Center.

Collaboration with Tehran University, Shahid Beheshti University, Linz Art and Design University, Victoria University Wellington, and MIT Magazine Leonardo and designing of the venue of performances and Noxte booth at Ava Center were highlights of this edition of the festival.