November 2018 | Tehran, Iran.
NOXTE is one of NULLSIGHT’s ongoing projects, aimed at collaborating with young artists to propagate and promote new media art businesses.
During TADAEX 2018, at Ava Center -venue of TADAEX performances- Noxte booth was presented with support and curation of Nullsight. In which works from Soheil Riahi, Soheil Rad, Mohammadreza Tazari, and Behzad Shahravan were showcased.

“Re-Spot” by Soheil Riyahi
In the last few years, recycling products to save nature and to re-use the materials rejected from nature has been growing rapidly. “Re-Spot” is to research, re-discover, re-find, re-use, and re-build new pieces using our re-vision to re-estimate abandoned pieces and re-cover them to brand new re-spotted objects.

"Dome Series, Impossible" by Soheil Rad
There is no absolute reality other than our visual perception of the objects surrounding us. Once the visual illusion conquers all the senses, the impossible tribar makes Persian geometry possible to be perceived through multidimensional scales.

“Electro Fractal” by Mohamadreza Tazari
Atoms are not solid. Their behavior is similar to that of ball lightning but in miniature proportions. They are tiny spirals of pure electrical energy. The universe is an electrically driven fractal, composed of a hierarchy of electrical flat spirals. Terrestrial ball lightning, at a few feet in diameter, is between galaxies and atoms in size. Despite the disparities, however, it shares the physical and electrical characteristics of both: their spiral quality, their stability and independence, their self-contained nature, and their capacity to generate energy.

“Shore” by Behzad Shahravan
Ashore defines the water borders of an ocean and it is also a symbol for borders. Affected by topography, shores influence their surroundings through elements of erosion and the ocean waves. They are influences that include the space for both erosion and creation. Erosion is the gradual process of the destruction of matter. At the heart of this destruction, a new version of the shore is created.