May 2018 | Ariana Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

DIGISTYLE is a fashion and beauty e-commerce platform targeting young generation with a great service.
An event design based on DIGISTYLE’s marketing slogan with combination of media arts and modern wave of fashion and clothing for introduction of development and usage of online shoppings to consumers was set up by DIGISTYLE in collaboration with Nullsight at Ariana Gallery.

(AM), Audiovisual installation by Ali Phi was exhibited in this event with consideration of highlighting existence of audiences and importance of facing them with themselves.
In this installation audiences used to explore the spaces in front of mirrors for reaching a point where projection of lights and digital images was distorting their vision from themselves.

Online shopping experience, design & production of video branding content and design & production of series of light modules which were used also as gift for guests were tasks that Nullsight accomplished during this event.
The first collaboration of Nullsight & DIGISTYLE happened in Sam Center Complex as an interactive video installation.
This installation was illustrating the web network as a space in galaxy with some items floating merged with pointcloud of their bodies when standing in front of the screen.