Noxte VOL I

August 2018 | Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Noxte is a collection of conceptual, practical, and technology-oriented objects, contributing to the promotion of the media-art business. This exhibition was selected by Ali Phi, the creative director of Noxte.
Thirteen projects from fifteen artists are presented in this group exhibition by various media such as photography, installation, fashion design, sounds, and mixed media. All the projects consider the Physique as the agent of individualization. Here, the distinguishing line is the point of recognition of the self and the other. What defines the identity of distinction is where the self ends and the other begins: the point in which the individual body and the social framework is shaped. Noxte is based on this idea of liberation of bodies and going beyond boundaries. Artists showcased in this exhibition were Erfan Jamshidi, Shirin Rezaee, Soheil Rad, Shahab Shahali, Donya Fazelnia, Nazli Shahvagh, Mohammadreza Tazari, Nazanin Fatahi, Farda (Maryam Pesyan, Sara Sarkheili) in Collaboration with Soheil Riahi, Sara Ghajar, Ashkan GH and Ali Honarvar.
These series of works make the audience encounter a combination of media and objects, playing games with and assigning value to the body in contemporary society; these games are associated with the physical body, seeking a new adventure. This idea of going beyond the boundaries was not only the initial idea for this exhibition, but also what later became manifest in how the media were selected: the objects that lost their original function for their were merely used decoratively; similar to body itself that is now an old-fashioned entity, falling to pieces in different frameworks.