January 2019 | Iranian Artists Forum, Nami Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Collaborative project between Nullsight and young generations of girls from “Koodakan Donya” organization, an organization specialized, research based and independent with the aim of attention, growth and evolution of children to achieve high ability and talent, in the first Teer Art week, an art event to discover and learn about contemporary Iranian art practices, discover new spaces, interact with local artists and enjoy the city through a curated art route, was showcased at Nami Gallery in Iranian Artists Forum.
The project based on the concept of increasing, repetition, dailiness and assimilation of the society and living in urban context with use of tools and medium of digital art in the form of an interactive installation, audiences were allowed to observe the 7 children’s GPS tracked path which created the motion and generated the sound based on an algorithm which was showcased on a flat screen before them.